http://uk.myspace.com/onionheadtenderloin  The Onionhead and Tenderloin My Space page


http://stealthbuffet.blogspot.com  Just in case you hadn't had enough of my opinions, this is my blog of listening delights


www.thestirrer.com        News, views, reviews and campaigns


www.firestation-records.de   Home page of the German label behind The Sound of Leamington Spa


www.fortuneandglory.co.uk  Biog and links for Parachute who gave Jules a home after Onionhead/Tenderloin


http://www.geocities.com/oldtroutwindsoruk/index.htm  The gig list features every band you ever liked in the 90's.  We're also on it.  Sadly for the wrong gig.


www.oportorecords.com  Jules current label and run by proper music obsessives....as it should be.


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