Originally Onionhead issued three 12" singles  in 1990 on the band's own Fairweather label and one track on 1967 Through The Looking  Glass compilation.  Following this initial  frenzy and the minor hiccup of the band splitting up, there was a quiet spell of 12 years.   Level X-ing was reissued on The Maverick Tendency (Oporto 2002) and It Comes Around has it's first release on The sound of Leamington Spa (FireStation Tower 2003)



For Niceness (Fairweather 1990)

Search Party, Ruminating,

Mind the gap, Pipeline.


Ming (Fairweather 1990)

Level X-ing, Flowers on some,

Funny way of showing it, Onionhead.




Electric Ladland (Fairweather 1990)

Honest to God, Half an ark, Monkey man.



1967 Through the looking glass (Imaginary 1990)

Various artists covering songs from 1967,

 including Mark Burgess, Bevis Frond, Shamen and 

Onionhead's version of Gentle on my mind



  Maverick Tendency (Oporto 2002)

16 Track compilation includes  Onionhead's Level X-ing  and tracks by 

White Town, Malcolm Ross and Elizabeth Jane  www.oportorecords.com




The sound of Leamington Spa Vol 3 (FireStation Tower Records 2003)

Compilation includes Onionhead's It Comes Around and tracks by 1000 Violins, Waving at Trains and Pure www.firestation-records.de



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