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"We let him get away with most of his Americanisms but some things we draw the line at. He wanted to put a line in about sidewalks so we said 'Julian, we don't have sidewalks in Moseley'."

Thus speak the collective ONIONHEAD of their singer's prediliction for the US vernacular . Who cares? Clever people have never been afraid to borrow from the best of the other side of the pond. So if Onionhead want to live in Moseley, sing about 'blowing it out your ear' and make taut, intelligent guitar pop, who are we to stop'em?

Five young men who ended up in Birmingham thanks to Kenneth Baker rather than Anita, Onionhead specialise in warm-hearted, direct rock songs heavy on winning melodies and light on barmpot bombast. Elegant, simple songs like 'Flowers On Some' and 'Ruminating' which show up without much of a fuss and then refuse to leave you. The combination of the American guitar tradition and English indie sensibilities is kind of comparable to. ..

"REM, yes, we know, Bloody REM. Look, they're a good band and that's it. We haven't modelled ourselves on them or anything like that. We're just operating in a similar field. Pop songs with integrity, I suppose."

Do you hate 'pop' records?

"No.  In fact one or two of us are 'disco kids'! We like to go and shake our bodies."

Quite.  Onionhead are an unfussy, unpretentious bunch making great records somewhere between Des Moines and Dudley, between Neil Young and Johnny Marr.


Stuart Maconie  NME  May 89


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