23/02/06  The current March issue of The Word features The Electric Ladland  sleeve in a feature on pastiche sleeves.  Obviously it's a top quality article which I  fully endorse....and our photo is not only the biggest on the page, it's at the top of the page.  Oh Yes.  It must still have been pleasing though to be a member of  Turbonegro  who used the Pet Sounds sleeve as the basis for Ass Cobra.  Maximum points for both name of the band and name of the album. 


07/01/06  In anticipation of massive renewed interest in  Electric Ladland I've added the MP3 of Honest To God.  to the  Downloads page.  We are currently in high level talks with a noted Music Monthly who want to feature a photo of the Electric Ladland cover.  After nanoseconds of careful consideration we said "Yes Please",  stuffed the sleeve in a jiffy  bag and headed for the Post Office.


09/04/05  Mp3 of Let Me Into Your Heaven added to  Downloads page. 


27/03/05  Photos from Cork at  Onionhead Reunion.  Tour of the kitchen..htm


03/02/05  The Onionhead Cork weekend was fantastic, with all of us just really enjoying each others company, running through all the old jokes and coming up with some new ones.  We set the gear up in Sean's kitchen and played through some of the old songs.  Sean's mate Dana recorded some  songs live using 2 mikes for the backline and one for the vocals.  In true Troggs style he sprinkled fairy dust on the bastard and also played  lap steel guitar on Let Me Into Your heaven and Mama Cow.  What a hero. 




27/01/05  The Onionhead reunion tour of Sean's living room starts tomorrow.  Or to put it another way all 5 Onionheads plus heavyweight management duo Parker/Early/Early/Parker will be in Cork  for the weekend.  Guitars will be played for our own amusement....drink may be taken for everyone elses.


16/12/04  Guest book temporarily removed....so use the email instead and let me know you're out there.


06/12/04  The site has been a bit neglected, but after spotting some Viagra spam that had found it's way into the guestbook, I thought action was needed.  So Paul Flower gets a mention on the Tenderloin page (for it was his show that we recorded the 4 tracks at Pebble Mill for) and the forgotten West Brom pub where we played with The Cybernauts in 1988 gets a name.  It's name was the Coach and Horses.


13/07/04  Added a link to my Blog to the Links Page


04/07/04 Few tweaks to Guest book and some missing posts recovered.  Added some explanation of where you can go from the Links page.


19/02/04  Tenderloin biog added. 


20/12/03.  Interviews and reviews added to Press pages.


17/12/03.  Streaming audio versions of It comes around, Level Xing and Keep me in touch added to Downloads page. 


26/11/03  Gig lists page added and back in touch with Barney (drums) who was the Bill Wyman of the band.  Obviously I mean that in the sense that he was the meticulous archivist of the band and not a lecherous old goat.  Also Polygram "job Interview" added to biog


28/10/03  New material (alright old stories) added to biog. 22mph horror smash and the CBS signing.


26/10/03  Background material on the Onionhead songs can be found on the Downloads Page.


19/10/03  Site now uses Frames.



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